I in-un-dae I adj. flooded, awash, overflowing…

The story starts as most good stories do…Day Drinking, Florida, Tiki Bars & One Solid Wingman.

Eleven years & 3316 miles later, here we are…minus the Wingman, plus the wine.

Inondé is about surrounding ourselves with the best possible mentors, guides and partners to create a solid foundation. It’s about producing the most honest, thoughtful wines possible every year. Please don’t expect the wines to taste the same year in and year out. We make small batch wines so that we can make decisions each year that best suits the fruit for the particular vintage. We’re not making these wines by accident. We love Oregon Chardonnay and Syrah and know this is one of the best places in the world to grow these varietals. Our goal is to make wines that we want to drink. We hope by extension they are wines that you want to drink as well.

The first three years of this project have been about learning what we’re looking for from the fruit. We have played with fermentation techniques, barrel size and every variable in the winemaking process we could stomach. The wines are currently made at Martin Woods Winery, in Mcminnville. Evan Martin is the man, one of the most thoughtful, talented winemakers in the valley. These wines could not be what they are without his hard work and guidance. We lease acreage and buy fruit from a couple of awesome growers. We’re truly fortunate to have access to amazing pieces of land.

Mo Ayoub’s Anonimo Vineyard is the base of our Chardonnay. It’s a special site in heart of the Dundee Hills with the classic red volcanic, clay, Jory soils that the area is known for. We love Mo, we love his Chardonnay and feel fortunate that he gives us some fruit each year to play with.

Dana Dibble’s Freewater Rocks Vineyard and River Rock Vineyard are the primary sources of our Syrah beginning in 2018. We’ll have a lot to say about this site down the road. But, lets start here. Dana is 3rd generation Orchardist/Viticulturalist on this property, his family homesteaded it in 1933. He has been farming grapes in The Rocks District of Milton Freewater since 2000. His instincts for this site are amazing.

2019 Inondé Wines. Mcminnville, Oregon